St Peter Port – a vision?

As TINDALL DAWN-CAMPAIGN-9we know, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to deal with the issue of traffic problems in St Peter Port and a solution is needed.  I think there should be a policy which gets this problem sorted using common sense; a bit like the simple solution that has been found for the unofficial crossing by the Albert Marina where, amongst other things, they have agreed to widen the pavement.  (For more details see the link below to the Guernsey Press article.)

When writing my manifesto, I spoke to the Douzaine and, when discussing traffic issues, I was referred to the “Vision for St Peter Port, The Bridge and St Sampson’s Harbour” issued in 2013 by the Chamber of Commerce.  I like it because, not only does the Vision discuss joined up government, use of knowledge and skills in Guernsey but also how improving the infrastructure of the two main towns benefits all of Guernsey.

With regard to traffic, the Vision highlights the need for “A holistic approach to traffic movement [which] allows traffic to flow around the Town centre.”   Whilst some suggestions were put forward in the Transport Strategy minority report, in my view, they were piecemeal and unsuitable in the way proposed.  For example, whilst we have paid parking in some places at the moment, I did not agree with the proposals put forward for town as local residents would clearly suffer.  However, there has been some progress for example with the buses by bringing in smaller vehicles and improving routes but more needs to be done.