And so the canvassing begins…..

The nomination in, the photo taken and my copy of the Electoral Roll collected and, once the manifesto is ready, I’m all set to start canvassing. I’ll be out and about over the next 5 weeks and tomorrow I’ll set out when and where you can find me so I can hear your concerns and answer your questions.

The chats I had when knocking on doors in St Peter Port South in 2016 was the most enlightening and enjoyable of that campaign and I hope that 2020 is no different. I will not be able to knock on everyone’s door this time round so I will also be at various places throughout the Island to meet as many of you as I can.

I want to take this opportunity to give my thanks to my proposer, Craig Robert, who also kindly agreed to nominate me in 2016 together with my seconder, Paulette Burtenshaw, who has been a great support to me on this journey since 2015 when we attended our first WEA course on “How to Become a Deputy”. Thank you both.

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