Standing for Election in 2020: An Independent Approach to Working Together

Photo0238Maintaining some form of continuity is always important for good decision making but, at a time of a global pandemic, it is essential. Electing a Deputy who was part of the Covid-19 decision making team of HSC with experience of the workings of the Guernsey system of government will be invaluable. Combine that with someone who makes evidence based, consistent decisions and that is what you have in me; that is why I am standing for election.

This has been, surprisingly, a far more difficult decision to make than the one I made to stand in the 2016 election. I have wrestled with my personal and family circumstances; the tiredness we all experienced because of the feeling at the beginning of this year? that what we achieved in the first three years was going to unravel.

But then there was Covid-19. Many suffered emotionally, financially and physically. Many will do for years to come. There was a great deal to do before the pandemic to ensure the fiscal and social policy was there to help those experiencing poverty of some sort whether in-work or pensioners, whether with a disability or caring for someone. Now with such leaps and bounds made in the last few months in that social policy, energy is needed to bring this to fruition and the effect of the pandemic kept to a minimum. To do that will need hard graft and determination with a real commitment to work together.

With so much at stake, I cannot give up now. I cannot stop when there is so much to do and I have the experience to do it. I will, therefore, be standing at the next election.

The public only see the decisions made in the Assembly. My skill is in getting those decisions to the States in the first place and in a format that means we can have a sensible and productive debate and agree evidence based decisions.

My voting record will show the changes I’ve supported including the Discrimination Ordinance, Same Sex Marriage and NICE Drugs. I admit I was reluctant to vote for NICE Drugs but that wasn’t because I did not see the need – it was because I wanted the same access to be given to those receiving drugs and treatment that were not approved by NICE including much needed preventative approaches.

I also voted for the ending of the 11+ and the one school two sites model. The evidence showed that model would provide the best education and choice for the Bailiwick’s children. Due to the “pause”, more evidence is being collated and I will consider that fully and objectively if and when the time comes as the outcome of that debate is not a foregone conclusion. The aim is for the provision of a quality education for all at a cost Islanders can afford but that decision needs to be taken in the light of what is happening now and not what happened in a Deputy’s youth.

Among the several successful amendments I have laid, one exemplifies the importance I see of the economy and our transport links. It aimed to ensure that any review of our air links took a strategic approach to include the infrastructure needed and not just to take a look at Aurigny in isolation. We need to be bold in our aims especially in a post Covid world to get business and tourists to come to our beautiful Islands whilst taking care of our environment.

My role on the Development & Planning Authority started in 2016 and I became the President in 2019. This role has been a source of frustration but also success. The D&PA, through the implementation of the Island Development Plan, has been at the forefront of protecting the natural and built environment and promoting the balance between that, the economy and social policy. Whilst it is not perfect – what States’ policy is? – changing the negative and unjustified press it receives has been a long journey. I hope that by my contribution there is a better understanding by the next Assembly of its role than when it began. .


Energy and enthusiasm is needed to be a Deputy. Skills, knowledge and collaborative working increase the likelihood of success. As someone who gives all to the job, I hope that I can call on your support to elect me as People’s Deputy for the whole of the Island of Guernsey.

I am, of course, preparing my manifesto, supplemented by posts on my website and on social media with more details, all of which I hope you will read and then decide to vote for me on October 7th.

2 thoughts on “Standing for Election in 2020: An Independent Approach to Working Together

  1. I would be interested in learning the results of the Planning and Building Control survey, undertaken in December 2019, and how you intend on dealing with any negative outcomes in the short term?


    1. Dear SL

      My apologies for the delay in replying. I tried to find out when the results of the survey will be available but was unable to do so by the end of Friday. As soon as I do, I will let you know.

      If the results become available whilst I am still President of the D&PA then obviously I will do anything I can in the short term to learn from the responses. We also need to build on what we’ve learnt from the Covid crisis and make improvements of what is provided online. We must take advantage of the boom in post-Covid planning applications whilst protecting both the interests of the community and the environment.

      If elected, I may not be on the D&PA but I will continue to work to help improve the service provided by Planning.

      Kind regards



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