Another Successful Alderney Week


Alderney enjoyed good weather for their special week this year enabling the many events around the Island to provide fun and frolics for all.  One of many highlights of my few days there was the charity night “Rock the Rock” – my absolute favourite being the magnificent Blues Brothers tribute band.

The Alderney Week Team worked tirelessly to provide super entertainment for the many visitors.  I am also pleased to say we were able to get there with only a minimum of disruption albeit the door to our plane got a bit temperamental and the pilot had to show her strength to close it!

I was joined this year by a Guernsey-born friend on her first visit to the northern Isle – she so thoroughly enjoyed herself she was checking out the dates for next year even before we left!  To show her around Alderney, we hired pushbikes (not electric ones I add) and did the scavenger hunt.  It was hard work, with sun burn and sore bottoms being the result.

And to top it all we were given medals as we were the only ones mad enough to do the scavenger hunt by pushbike!  Thank you Alderney Week team – and for the ladies at the Cycle and Surf shop for coming up to the airport to present them to us – it was very much appreciated.

So back to work and a quick review of the latest Guernsey politics.  This week seems to be dominated by the Members of Education, Sport & Culture.  The consultation continues on the future of Secondary and Post -16 Education and we have had the Policy Letter on the funding of the Colleges.  Whilst I have read the paperwork and comments by others, I do encourage you to get involved either through the consultation or by e-mailing all the Deputies to let us know what you think – I cannot stress how valuable it is to hear your views.

Deputy Meerveld, having been removed from the research for the Colleges’ policy letter together with Deputy Dudley-Owen, has raised some good points regarding the conflicts of interest rules.  I agree with him that it is bizarre that we are restricted from doing our jobs because of a rule which prevents those with a “direct and special interest” getting involved.  Conflicts must be managed but first they must be properly identified.  In my experience so far, the interpretation of this rule varies from situation to situation and is reducing our ability to do our job.

Deputy Inder has brought a Requête in relation to L’Ancresse East which has led to all Deputies investigating the various options for the anti-tank wall.  On paper, I have to say it looks like a sensible approach being taken by E&I to allow the beach to return to what it was before the Germans built the wall but, again, we all need to hear your views to ensure we see the whole picture.

So whilst Summer is slipping by, it is good to look back on my few days of rest, great food and super company and look forward to my next visit to Alderney.  Naturally, as we have so many beautiful islands in the Bailiwick, I have no absolute favourite and I hope you will join with me to thank our lucky (shooting) stars that we live in such a lovely place!

One thought on “Another Successful Alderney Week

  1. A wonderful Newsletter – one of your best – I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you get some response other than from me.



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