6 Months and Counting

Web photo 1It seems like a lifetime ago when we were all sworn in as People’s Deputies on the 1st May this year – 6 months ago today.  Some may wonder what has been done but  I can assure you we have all been beavering away behind the scenes to learn the job, then review and update the policies that we inherited as well as the day to business of each of our committees.

Obviously, some of us have been on public display explaining those policies to the Assembly.  The Island Development Plan is one such set of policies and I hope tomorrow will see its implementation.

Whilst that will be, probably, my only major involvement in a debate for quite a while, I will, of course, continue to make my views known on matters brought before us for deliberation.  Today is the Budget and, in particular, two Propositions which could see the return of motor tax and possibly GST by the back door.  I do not consider that it would be beneficial to implement motor tax again but I will listen to the debate in case there are reasons which I am unaware of.  As to this form of GST – NO NO NO!

The next two debates cover major topics – Phase 1 of the Policy & Resources Plan, including a review of the Fiscal Policy Framework, and then the debate on the future structure of secondary education in the Bailiwick.  As you will see from this website, I set out my views on this during the election and I am stand by those views.  I have been listening to teachers and professionals, reading what I can on the subject and considering the views of the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture.  I will vote on the Propositions put before me with due care as I know the importance of this decision.

So the next 6 months may see me take more of a back seat but be assured I will still apply all of the skills I possess and values I hold when doing my work as a People’s Deputy.


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