A la perchoine Deputy Dave Jones

Web photo 1Another week has gone by which reminds me again that there will be good times and bad whilst I am a Deputy.

All of the Bailiwick will miss Deputy Dave Jones but my personal sadness at his passing was that I had not spoken to this amazing man face to face. Having attended his funeral at Vale church and then a specially convened meeting of the States, I listened to the funny and moving tributes to the colleague “who had left the building” wishing I had got to known him.

I then joined his family, friends and work colleagues at Les Cotils to share stories and celebrate Dave’s life only to find out that, after all, I had known personally in some way the legend that was Dave Jones.

Standing chatting, I looked around and, as us women do, I saw a wonderful pair of high-heeled shoes being worn by the only lady I knew who’d could, Emma, someone I had had the pleasure of working with last year ……… Emma Hill, Dave’s daughter.

I had had no idea, throughout all those great chats with Emma in the kitchen at work telling her about my plans for the 2016 election, that she was related to a politician.  However, in that moment of recognition yesterday, I felt suddenly close to Dave having got to know his feisty, friendly and witty daughter.

He was right to be proud of his family who all welcomed me so generously with open arms yesterday and I feel that, after all, I do have memories of the gent and I will remember him with fondness…. and I join the rest of the Bailiwick in mourning his early departure from the place, the job and the family he loved.


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