Calling Non -States Members for the Transport Licensing Authority

Non-States Members AdvertI am very pleased to say that the Authority of which I am Vice-President has advertised for non-States Members.  The advert was in the Guernsey Press on Friday but you may have missed it because of all the excitement about BREXIT!

One of the aspects of this advert I am most pleased about is the omission of the requirement to send in your CV.  Instead it asked for you to write to us explaining how your skills, knowledge or experience will assist the Authority with its licensing functions.

Why am I pleased with this you may ask?  Well during the Power of the Voice campaign many people asked me about becoming a non-States Member but observed that the request for a CV put them off a little.  This was because providing a CV implied an increase in the formality of the process and so some who were not involved in business were not so comfortable with putting their names forward.

I hope this simple change will result in more excellent candidates contacting us – men and women – and so assist us with this most interesting and challenging area of government.

The e-mail address to use to submit your details is and the closing date is the 15th July.

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