Kick-starting a recovery culture

Breaking the cycle Some days you just have to thank God for your health and for the life you have – today was another one of those days for me.
I spent the day with 100+ people (including many Deputies) at the Guernsey Drug & Alcohol Team’s conference on kick-starting a recovery culture in Guernsey. We listened to experts: people with first hand experience of addiction and mental health and professionals who work with addictions.
Afterwards, we had the opportunity to get into smaller groups and listen to experiences in Guernsey and try to come up with ideas on what can be done to improve things. There is a lot to do but there are many, many good people on Guernsey who wish to help each other.
We can all play a part to promote a recovery culture and break the addiction cycle whether it is by supporting a family member or friend who is an addict, fellow addicts helping each other or just by our own individual actions which break down the barriers created by prejudice.

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