Your views – the opportunity to listen

Web photo 1One of the best things about canvassing is getting the chance to hear your views.   Whether it’s education, waste or the terrible transport links, I think we, the candidates, should take this opportunity to listen, take note and, if elected, remember what the people of Guernsey have to say.

I use a lot of quotes in my web pages as I think other people can say things better than I can so here are some messages* from islanders that I have heard on my travels:

One lady said about the end of the Rent Rebate Scheme and Social Security :

“[being] on social security it’s degrading, they treat you like criminals, you are often left worse off ….There are a lot of hard working people who are concerned about the prospect of being faced with no choice but to go there for help.”

What can I say? We must give the tools to help both those in need and those working in Social Security so we can treat each other with respect.

At the GDA Speed Hustings, a lady said that she found it difficult to get up the High Street and asked why can’t we simply lower the pavements in places.

Not a great deal to ask is it?

A mother said that she thought whilst there were extra lessons for those that struggle (which she felt was quite right), she felt there was nothing for those that are very bright.

We need to ensure all ranges of ability are stretched and we know how that works.

Another lady told me that business meetings usually take place in Jersey as it is cheaper to get there.   She asked how could that be right.

No it isn’t – we need to look at the transport links.

And finally, when thanking me for my response to his e-mail, a voter said:

“Thanks for your time it’s nice to see progressive people running for a change.”

A big thank you to the people of St Peter Port South (and elsewhere) who have given up their time to talk to me.

  • actual quotes are in quote marks (“”) and they are from those who have given me permission to use their quotes and I have paraphrased what was said by those who I did not get the chance to ask .


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